EdgeNet Logo Welcome to EdgeNet, the globally distributed edge cloud for Internet researchers. EdgeNet is based on industry-standard Cloud software, using Docker for containerization and Kubernetes for deployment and node management.

As a user, deploy your Dockerized application across EdgeNet's dozens of nodes within five minutes. If you are already a user, you can take yourself to EdgeNet's Kubernetes Dashboard with the button below. EdgeNet Kubernetes Dashboard Kubernetes Dashboard

You are an established researcher at a public or private institution, and you are prepared to authorize other people of your choosing to use EdgeNet, while vouching for their responsible use of the infrastructure:

You are a colleague of someone who has already registered an authority with EdgeNet, or you work under their supervision or are their student:

As a contributor to the infrastructure, simply set up a VM and make it available to EdgeNet, again within minutes. The more you and your colleagues contribute, the more of the global infrastructure you can use.

As an edge cloud technologist, download EdgeNet's free, open-source, liberally-licensed software for your own use.

We extend a special warm welcome to PlanetLab users. If you are a PlanetLab Europe user, there is nothing you need to do: we will migrate your account to EdgeNet shortly. If you are a user of the US-based PlanetLab, please send us an e-mail (timur.friedman@sorbonne-universite.fr, rick@mcgeer.com) so that we can ensure a smooth transition for you as well.

Vantage Points

EdgeNet currently offers over 50 nodes distributed across the U.S. and Europe. We aim to reach higher numbers in wider area by having your contributions.

Current EdgeNet Node List. Total Nodes: 41 / Active Nodes: 28

Name Address Location City Region Country Date Added Ready

EdgeNet is a joint project of US Ignite, the LIP6 lab at Sorbonne University, the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, the Swarm Lab at UC Berkeley, the Computer Science department at the University of Victoria, the University of Vienna, and Cslash. It has received funding from the National Science Foundation under contract CNS-1820901 and through a VMware donation to Sorbonne University. Nodes are provided by the US GENI and ExoGENI projects, Canada’s Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructure project, and PlanetLab Europe. The cluster head node is hosted by PlanetLab Europe, which administers the platform.