Welcome to EdgeNet Project!

EdgeNet is a Kubernetes-based distributed edge cloud that anyone can participate in.

Contributing nodes to EdgeNet

Any site can contribute nodes to EdgeNet on a part-time or fulltime basis. No approval from edge-net.org is required. EdgeNet users should also note that EdgeNet hasn’t vetted these nodes; they may be secure, or not, may be subject to memory dump attacks, etc. Unencrypted sensitive information should not be stored on an EdgeNet node; EdgeNet is an experimental infrastructure and testbed built with contributed resources, not a reliable, robust, secure facility.

Best practices for contributed nodes:

Requirements for contributed nodes:

Adding a node is a simple matter of running a shell script. As root on the VM, download the appropriate script for [Ubuntu] (https://sundewcluster.appspot.com/downloads/setup_node.sh) at https://sundewcluster.appspot.com/downloads/setup_node.sh or [Centos] (https://sundewcluster.appspot.com/downloads/setup_centos.sh) at https://sundewcluster.appspot.com/downloads/setup_centos.sh(link in plaintext for easy copy/paste) and run it as root. After about 30 seconds, you’ll be prompted to add a name; choose any name that is a valid prefix of a fully-qualifed domain name. If you’ve chosen a valid name and it isn’t otherwise taken, your node will be added at name.edge-net.io. The whole process takes about a minute.

NOTE: We have installation guides for some parts of the system in our Google docs. Feel free to take a look as we update this page.